Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Best Party for the Middle Class, USA: A Prologue

      When citizens have had enough of politicians that are not working for the good of the nation but rather for the good of their party and /or themselves they seek a change. In 2010  the people of Reykjavik, Iceland elected a mayor from the Best Party.  The candidate, Jon Gnarr, promised free towels at the public pools,to build a Disneyland at the airport and to display polar bears at the zoo. The new mayor states he is an anarchist and that he left school at age 16. But he also considers himself a "very moral person".
      As Americans we may ask how does a person with no campaign promises of substance and with a checkered past get elected mayor ? The answer is "protest vote " against the self-serving ruling party that was perceived to be non-functional  at all levels.
      To his credit Mr. Gnarr made promises that would not do harm if not kept. Unlike our well educated and properly mannered American politicians who year after year come up with substantially important platforms and campaign promises that they have no intention of implementing or keeping.     
      The Best Party for the Middle Class, USA like our counterparts in Iceland will seek a protest vote. We will try to gain this vote by publishing a manifesto that contains our views on subjects such as big oil, immigration & citizenship, war, abortion, right to bear arms  and other pertinent topics.
      Some of the solutions to the problems these topics cover are in some ways radical but we are in radical times. Not many will agree with all of the planks in our manifesto but it is hoped that most of it is accepted by those who read it.
      The number one belief of the Best Party is that there is a God and that he loves all his children. Other then this we have no answers to the questions our great and small religions pose to us.
      As Americans we believe in capitalism but not robber baron capitalism. We believe that the present two party system is not working for the benefit of the American middle class citizen. With the pending formation of the Best Party we intend to give the ruling parties a good reason to start acting responsibly.
      Robert Schlaffer
      Best Party for the Middle Class
      March, 2011

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