Saturday, April 2, 2011


      There is no denying that war is sometimes necessary. There is also no denying that war can lead to the demise of a nation even after it has been victorious on the battlefield. A modern example being the British Empire, Post-World War II.
      The Best Party position on war is that it should only be undertaken if America or one of its true allies is attacked or that there is substantiated evidence that a verified attack was imminent. Since 1960s we have participated in a number of WHY Wars. Our troops gave their lives,bodies and hearts in trying to enforce a mandate given to them by politicians. Uncountable billions of dollars were spent to fund these wars. Beginning with Vietnam and continuing to Libya we must ask ourselves as a nation WHY were we involved in most of them.
      Vietnam was fought to save Southeast Asia from the Communists. After America withdrew from Vietnam in 1975 the feared domino collapse of this part of the world did not occur. Vietnam did invade Cambodia in 1978 to counter the actions Pol Pot. Vietnam also has a strong influence in Laos but they did not become the evil overloads of Southeast Asia as we lead to believe prior to going to war with them. Today all the propaganda we were feed is forgotten and we are one of Vietnam's biggest trading partners.
      Why Somalia? What was the benefit to the Somali people? Was it worth the lives of our troops? When we entered Somalia it was a nation of warlords. Today little has changed except that they are now a nation of warlords and pirates.                                                                                     
      Why two Iraq wars? The first was to save Kuwait. Is Kuwait such a great ally that we should go to war for them? How many troops did they commit to fight along us during the first and second Iraq wars.  Yes we protected their oil and they are quit happy to sell it to us for $100 plus dollars a barrel. The second Iraq was was fought because of miss-information feed to the American people by politicians and the news media. Our President told us Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, CNN newscaster Paula Zahn would frequently bring on a Inspector, who returning from Iraq, swore unequivocally that Saddam Hussein had these weapons. No weapons of mass-destruction were found. Why did we fight this war and why are we still there?
      The reasons for fighting the war in Afghanistan are valid. The Taliban gave refuge to the 911 terrorists and were held responsible for this action. Our troops swift response in toppling the Taliban and sending Osama bin Laden into hiding was an example of Americas military expertise. But this war also has a Why attached to it. Why are we still there, trying to rebuild a country whose population has no love for anything American.
      Prior to our air incursions in Libya CNN newscaster Wolf Blitzer was on the air nightly calling for America to create a no fly zone over Libya for humanitarian purposes. Why? Are the people of Libya our allies or do they despise America ? At this point in time we do not have the answer but we are willing to risk American lives for humanitarian purposes. How noble our politicians are. How noble they were when they supported Pol Pot against Vietnam. Our hatred for Vietnam was so great that we were blinded by the fact that Pol Pot was a mass-murderer who was responsible for the deaths of over two million people.
      To help ensure that America does not go to war based on falsehoods feed to us by politicians and the media and as a warning to our enemies the Best Party would mandate the following.
      1, If it so critical that war is the only option for America then it is critical that the Commander and Chief be on the front lines with his/her troops. The purpose for this would not be to actually take command but to ensure that we are going into war with the proper resources. Once this established the Commander and Chief can skedaddle back to Washington.
      2, The fighting of a prolonged war would not be left to a volunteer military, the draft would be reinstated.
      3, We would no longer be influenced by reports in the news media that encourage us to become involved in the internal affairs of a sovereign nation. Rather we would rely on the information provided by our intelligence agencies and Joint Chiefs of Staff.
      4, All those skewing valid intelligence with the purpose of engaging America into war would be held accountable under the laws of our Constitution.
       5, America will no longer be involved in a limited war. If war becomes inevitable we will wage a total war. We will no longer try to rebuild what has been destroyed. All wealth and resources of the enemy will be confiscated.
      Senators McCain and Lieberman both stated that we waited too long to establish the current no fly zone and to committing our air and sea power to bomb Libyan targets. Effectively declaring a war on Libya.  They are correct except that their timing is off by 25 years. In 1986 Muammar Gaddafi declared war on America by allowing the bombing of a Berlin discotheque that was frequented by American serviceman. President Reagan responded by a limited air war and in a thirteen minute attack destroyed various targets. The Best Party would have had a different strategy in 1986. Total war would have been declared on Libya. After the destruction of their military installations by air power troops would be committed to engage their army. Terms of Peace Treaty would require Libya to vacate the majority of its oil fields and seed them to America.
      Harsh and ruthless terms but war is just that. Enemies should not expect mercy in defeat. If this action had being taken in 1986 it would have sent a clear message to Iraq, Iran and North Korea among others. The Why wars we are now involved in might have been avoided. Those countries that we now fear of acquiring weapons of mass destruction would know that total and not limited war is what they face if they attack America.
                                                                                                                                                          Robert Schlaffer                                                                                                                                  Best Party for the Middle Class                                                                                                           March 25, 2011

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